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fostering access to quality healthcare in Northeast Florida.

Grant Applications

Community Grants
Supporting organizations that seek funds

  • For research, delivery or provision of healthcare
  • To improve healthcare delivery
  • To enhance organizational effectiveness

You will receive an email confirmation that your application or report was received.

2017 Community Grant Application

2017 Interim / Closing Evaluation


Deadline for grant requests is August 11, 2017.

Innovation Grants
Supporting new and innovative programs with

  • Measureable outcomes, that have a
  • Self sustaining endpoint to funding, that are
  • Translatable and replicable

Press Release: April 10, 2013

Download Innovation Grant Instructions

Legacy Grants
Supporting programs that perpetuate the qualities that made the Riverside Hospital unique:

  • Personal treatment
  • High quality of care
  • Clinical-based nursing training
  • Caring attitudes

2017 Legacy Grant Application

2016 Amended Grant Request