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Grant Applications

All grant applications, including Community, Legacy and Innovatiion grants, must be submitted on line. After applicatioin submission, mail 14 copies of the entire application with attachments to Helen Werking at 9090 Barrister Ct., Jacksonville, Florida 32257.

Community Grants
Supporting organizations that seek funds

  • For research, delivery or provision of healthcare
  • To improve healthcare delivery
  • To enhance organizational effectiveness

Final day to submit Community Grant application or 2021 Interim/Closing Report:
        Spring Deadline: February 15, 2021
        Fall Deadline:     August 15, 2021

2021 Commmunity Grant Application

2021 Interim / Closing Report

You will receive an email confirmation that your application or report was received.

Innovation Grants
Supporting new and innovative programs with

  • Measurable outcomes, that have a
  • Self sustaining endpoint to funding, that are
  • Translatable and replicable

Press Release: April 10, 2013

Download Innovation Grant Instructions

Legacy Grants
Supporting programs that perpetuate the qualities that made the Riverside Hospital unique:

  • Personal treatment
  • High quality of care
  • Clinical-based nursing training
  • Caring attitudes

2021 Legacy Grant Application

2021 Amended Grant Request